Jade and Agatha Blue

samantha copiaI met Sam when she had long-to-the-butt blond hair, legs equally long, sharp blue eyes aiming to see the world (and everything in it). She was a cheerleader, a Spanish lover and a British culture fan. I was an exchange student in a tiny Michigan town who used to get lost between the snow and explanations on why I am Latina and at the same time, Caucasian.

Ten years later I met a tall, blond woman who has travel most of the word with a bag on her shoulders, which still loves Spanish and added Portuguese to the list, who had the chance to live in England, became a Buddhist and is no longer a vegetarian.

On my favor I can say, I travel some parts of this world as well, my English has improved since I first met her, so did my mother tong, Spanish. I was never a vegetarian and, we still are big Spice Girls fans.

We separated so long ago: she was flying to the Beatles land, I was coming back home. And then we exchanged good wishes and happy birthday’s notes for the rest of time. So, to wait for her at the arrival section in the port at Colonia del Sacramento, was an extreme experience. What kind of woman has she become? How am I going to talk with this person I haven’t been with in so long? It’s not like we would watch long hours marathons of Spice World again, so… is she still going to be my friend?

And the answer to everything (including the Spice World marathon) was yes. Yes. She changed to become this pure, intense and bright woman who still aims to see the world, who never gets tired of walking and is in her way to love herself as she is when she wakes up every morning.

Three days we spent together. We sang some old Spice Girls songs, we talked about England (a lot!), exchange some opinions about religion and feminism. Basically, we talked the whole time. As if we wouldn’t have spoken in so long, disturbing everyone around us, being very annoying with the unannounced language change between English and Spanish. Then, she continued her trip through South America. Probably, another 10 years will pass before our paths meet again.


(The name is because she did some tarot reading to me and gave me those two stones -Jade and Agatha Blue- as a gift)

Divine triad

Bukowski worte: “Find what you love and let it kill you“.

divine triad1According to him, its better to die out of something that we like, after all, we will all die someday.

My brother and I, we love roadtrips. Just to take the car and drive with no plans, no clear destination. Just to drive, to feel the wind coming through the window, and to talk. About anything or everything. Him and I are so different that we found eachother at the other end; both passionate, both willing to accomplish more, never to settle. So, in one of this trips he asked me if I had found something I love.

To write. To travel. To photograph.

I can’t decide what of the three I love the most. The excitment I feel when I cross customs with my passport at hands, or that divine emotion that fulls me when I see the faces of the people I photograph. The freedom I feel when I express myself through written words.

To be honest with myself, I’ve been lucky on this subject: I’ve spent the past four years travelling the world while taking photographs, and because of that, I could write about places for some magazines. I haven’t found myself in a position where I have to choose one over the other two of my passions. And I trully hope that moment never comes.

As for now, this is my first blog post on my new divine center of triad passion.